Note: All orders include FREE global shipping!


General Questions


“When will my order ship?”

Note: All orders currently have a 3-4 month leadtime from date of purchase. This is due to the fact that we don’t have ready-to-go stock for certain sizes, so if in doubt, please email before to find out current, accurate shipping times.


“What shipping methods do you use for International Orders?”

We use standard international airmail for small parcels. This is the most cost-effective/yet speedy shipping method which provides a tracking code. For most countries it takes 7-10 working days however for some countries like Brazil and Italy we have noticed that it can take longer due to the operational differences of those countries. If you would like a faster/insured shipping method, then please contact us to arrange prior to placing your order as we will need to investigate and add the appropriate shipping cost to your order.


“Where Can I track my parcel?”

Once you receive your tracking code, you can track it’s movements within SA at this website: And then you can track the parcel within your own country (for most countries) using the same code on the tracking portion of your local post office website.


“What grit is the Zulu Grey?”

There really is no definitive grit rating for natural hones. As such we can’t officially put a number next to the Zulu Grey. We can, however, say that it is a finishing stone – imparting a fine, smooth edge that is good for shaving 🙂


“Will my hone come lapped?”

All Zulu Grey hones that are cut to specific sizes will come with one side lapped (this will be the side with the most uniform appearance). All the other sides will be flattened and will be somewhat rougher than the lapped and polished honing side. The edges are all chamfered and the sharp corners knocked off.


“How is my order packaged?”

The hones are first wrapped in a ziploc-type transparent plastic pouch along with two labels. This is then wrapped in several layers of aerothene foam which creates a very knock-resilient package. This is then placed in a sturdy carton that is then wrapped and sealed with a strong fibre-glass tape. Your Zulu Grey should reach you safe and sound.


“How do I ‘Factory-Reset’ the Zulu Grey surface?”

If you would like to create the same finish on the honing side of your Zulu Grey that it had when you received it, simply lap the hone to an acceptable finish say 600-1000 grit, then dry the hone completely and ‘polish’ the honing surface with a small piece of 1500 grit waterpaper (use it dry).


“Do you accept returns?”

Unfortunately as a policy we don’t accept returns, however if you are not happy with your Zulu Grey hone due to any fault on our part in terms of how the product was advertised etc. and you have proof of that sort of claim, then of course we will gladly send out a replacement at our own cost. It is important to note that these are natural products, and they do vary from stone to stone – so please do not expect a ‘factory-perfect’ hone as you might from a synthetic.